Thin Spaces. This is a geo-spiritual place where we attempt to break through the thin layer that separates us from our creator, our special force field.

The glasses you see in the foreground belong to my wife, Rebekah. They are featured on the cover of her book, “The Pippa Effect.” She took them off as she listened to the sounds of my heart as we discussed a difficult clinical week in an ICU. This area of our property is a quiet place where we attempt to come to grips… with letting a patient go, disrupted relationships and acrimonious murmurings of the world’s reverberated pathos. She wiped her tears from them as we discussed the way the world feels like it’s falling apart sometimes.

These glasses belong to my soulmate, in an allegorical perspective, who removed them to clean away the tears representative of the tears we all shed. In the words of Billy Joel, she lifts me up when I’m feeling down and inspires me… She listens. She consoles. She loves…

Sometimes all we need is for someone to be there, to remove their glasses and weep with you. I pray that we all provide solace, in some way…as my “Pippa” does.