Hey!  I’m so glad you found your way here.  I’m a new author about to launch my debut novel, The Pippa Effect, sometime in July.  I’ll keep you up to date here, and throughout my social media, when we go live on Kindle.  But for now, go to my Home page where you will find a brief synopsis and a sneak peak of Chapter One.  Join my email list, and I’ll send Chapter Two to keep your interest piqued.

I have dreamed of being a published author since middle school when I had to write a book for my seventh grade English class.  While I’m sure my teacher intended it to be a simple picture book, I ended up writing a chapter book.  My poor mother and older brother spent hours at the typewriter deciphering my handwriting and putting my words into print. But I’ll never forget the joy I felt holding the finished bound tome in my hands.  It’s on my bookshelf to this day!

Over the ensuing years, I constantly wrote stories I never finished.  I tortured my poor daughters with so many “beginnings” only to leave them hanging for the rest of the story which, much to their chagrin, never came.  It wasn’t until my father entered hospice care here in our home that I finally got serious about my writing career.

After spending hours at my Dad’s bedside, my brain wasn’t able to focus on anything heavier than the proverbial “beach read” which offered the luxury of temporary escape.  Previously, I barely read e-books preferring the weight and feel of an actual book in my hand.  But with my e-reader app, it was all too easy to buy and download books instantly without even leaving home.  And the more I read, the more I itched to write… to write the story I wanted to read.

But when it came to writing, I had some pretty significant blocks:  one – my graduate degree in English convinced me I wasn’t a legitimate writer if I couldn’t produced a novel at the caliber of Hemingway or Joyce; two – the thought of rejection from an agent or publisher was daunting enough to shut down any creative flow. 

But through my e-reader, not only did I discover a host of well-written and delightful books, I also stumbled upon the world of the Indie Author.  Refreshingly, I realized I didn’t need to write the next great American novel; I just needed to have fun with my writing.  And I didn’t need to spend months (years?) sending query letter after query letter to agents hoping someone would give me a chance.  Instead, I could self-publish and finally experience the joy of having my books in the hands of readers. With the removal of these blocks, I was writing stories right and left and sharing them with my friends and family. 

In December of 2018, my precious Dad passed away, and with the care of my aged parents now behind me, the creative energies surged.  That January, I began my first novel, Unexpected.  By July, I had finished it and began my second, The Pippa Effect.  After years and years of writing bits and pieces, 2019 saw the completion of two whole novels.  The response from my Beta readers was so promising that I attempted the traditional publishing route for a while.  But after almost a year of submitting to agents, my patience ran out as my frustration grew.  Because the truth is… what is a writer without readers? To tweak a line from Jerry Maguire — You, my readers, complete me!

Which brings me to the present… The Pippa Effect by Rebekah Zanders coming this July!